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I'm the one in the middle...

If you’re like me you looked at my picture and went straight to the pups on either side of me. Those are my babies, Jett and Sweet Pea. We should have named them Tigger and Eeyore because that better suites them. Jett, to my right, has nonstop energy and bounces from causing one mess straight to the next, he’s my mischievous one. Sweet Pea on the other hand is a rescue and is timid and forever cautious. She has perfected puppy dog sad eyes, and has me wrapped around her little paw. They are family members and just like the rest of my family, their pictures are all over my walls.

There is something about walking by a beautifully framed portrait that feels like a warm hug. Each time you walk by it you can feel your heart swell a little and a smile surfaces, brightening your day even just for a moment. Do you have those kind of portraits in your home; the kind of captured moments that warm your heart.  

Pets give us so much love and I've been incredibly lucky to be able build a business that documents that. I create portraits that celebrate your relationship with your best friend. Art that captures their soul in a way that last forever, just as we wish they did.

Meet my family:

I have been happily married for over twenty years and am the proud mom of

one boy, two Wheaten Terriers and two Rhode Island Reds.  

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You can find me in the heart of Broad Ripple, just north of downtown Indianapolis

6220 N College Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220

Free customer parking in rear of building

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