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Azalea and Pancake

By Ellie Sophia / June 24, 2020

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Azalea and Pancake are examples of the power of love and adoption. Azalea was adopted from Almost Home Humane Society in Lafayette, IN by her owners Matt and Hailey. Hailey wanted a companion as she was finishing school, while Matt was away from home working a lot. Hailey convinced Matt to go look for a cat to adopt. Matt didn't really like animals at the time, but Azalea just sat in her kennel with a runny nose and watery eyes and just tilted her head back and forth in the most adorable way. She immediately stole their heart. They nursed her back to health with warm blankets and vet visits for a URI. Once her health improved, much to Hailey's dismay, she quickly became Matt's best friend.  To make up for that, Pancake was adopted from the same shelter as a birthday present for Hailey. He was only a few months old and soon became Hailey's best friend. Azalea wasn't sure about Pancake at first but they quickly learned to love each other, and soon the four made a family.  At two years old Pancake suffered from a urinary blockage and had to have surgery to remove stones from his bladder, then had to have more removed a year later.  Just when they thought they were safe, Pancake become seriously ill once more due to yet another blockage and had a procedure done at Purdue Veterinary Teaching Hospital, that ultimately saved his life.  Hailey and Matt are so thankful Pancake is still with them. Hailey says she has never felt more deeply connected to a creature, more than she has with Pancake.  Two precious cats once abandoned, now loved unconditionally.

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