Paw Prints by Ellie Sophia

Paw Prints by Ellie Sophia


By Ellie Sophia / Sep 10,2021

I was mindlessly scrolling my facebook feed when this adorable smile popped up.  It was Suzy smiling from ear to ear. Her sweet face stopped me in my tracks as I read the caption: "After months of waiting, my foster Suzy finally had someone interested in meeting her!" read the first line. Her foster mom had taken her for some spa services so she would really "shine," only to find out her potential adopters canceled.  My heart broke... I couldn't have Suzy all dolled up with no place to go, so I contacted her foster mom Lori to offer Suzy a photoshoot. We arranged to meet a few days later.  

Suzy a 3.5 year old Staffordshire/Bulldog mix could hardly wait when she and Lori arrived for the photoshoot.  As soon as she got out of the car she rushed over to greet me.  She has so much love to give! She was much more interested in giving me kisses and love then posing for the camera but she couldn't help being a beautiful model.  Lori describes Suzy as a perfect travel companion, and imagines her with an active owner who likes adventures.  She says Suzy likes to be beside you, but is content doing her own thing and entertains herself well.  Lori shares that at bedtime she loves to lay right on top of you and smother you with kisses. I got to experience a little of that myself.  I generally end up rolling on the ground at some point during every pet shoot and I think Suzy figured she would join me.  At one point she rolled right on top of me looking very proud of herself that I couldn't escape her love.  

Suzy is desperate for her person. She has lots of love to give and if you think you could be the companion she has been waiting for please contact her foster mom at

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