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Hensley & Buster

By Ellie Sophia / Oct 4, 2018

  • Hensley and Buster

    Hensley and Buster

Newlyweds Kate and Zane have already started a family full of furry kids. I have known Kate for three years. Her Salon @kategstudio is responsible for hiding my grey and through the years we have become friends. I was honored to be able to meet her family.  

Walking into their home you can immediately feel the love.  Hensley a 2 year old mix breed and Buster a 3 year old Catahoula and Australian Shepherd mix were shy at first, both are rescues and nervous around new people. I planned extra time to get to know them and eventually they warmed up to treats and cuddles and joined me in the back yard as I started to set up my lights.  

I allowed both dogs to smell and check out my camera and get them used to the flash of the lights. Eventually, with the help of Kate and Zane we got started.  Hensley immediately stole the show with her googly eyes.  She looks like she has those sticker craft eyes you played with in elementary school.  Her smile is contagious and although Kate wasn't sure how well she would do in front of the camera she ended up hamming it up for all her close ups. 

Buster is naturally photogenic.  He sat pretty for me and was very motivated by treats, which I brought plenty of.  He ran like a champion for some action shots and by the end of the photoshoot had worn himself out.  That worked out perfect for the final set, where he sat like an experienced model.

It was a pleasure getting to spend time with these fur babies. You can tell they appreciate the home Kate and Zane have created for them, and in return they make their home complete. 

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