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Butler Bark

By Ellie Sophia / May 27, 2020

Don’t judge me, but I don’t brush my dogs coat daily like I know I should. Let’s be honest, I barely even brush my own hair daily. I’m more of a wash and go kind of girl, and I probably should have dogs with the same requirements but I don’t. I have two beautiful Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, well they are beautiful once Jessica is done with them. Jess has been our groomer for five years and she is an artist when it comes to grooming, just look at her own Mastiff. She owns Butler Bark in Butler Tarkington and is the proud owner of Orso. When she opened up her new shop she hung some of my Paw Print canvases and eventually asked for one of her own. Orso was amazing to have in the studio and is absolutely stunning in every way. I am not surprised as Jess makes all the dogs in her care look amazing. Beyond that though, I keep coming back because she accepts me and my pups with no judgement. I once stopped taking my pups to a groomer after being shamed. Not that I don’t know I need a good scolding from time to time, but ultimately I need someone who will work with me. Jess is different, she is honest with me. If I am way behind in brushing she makes my next appointment sooner so I can be accountable, or she suggest an easier cut she knows I can maintain. After all these years we have worked out a system that works for both of us and my dogs love her for it. In fact, she is their second home. If you are looking for someone who makes grooming an art form, or just someone who will brush out those knots without making you feel less than, then give Jess a call. (463) 209-1792, you can find her at 4149 Boulevard Place. 

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