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By Ellie Sophia / August 15, 2019

Chloe may be the cutest service dog you will ever meet. Chloe was adopted at the age of two by a couple and only 6 months later her human mom passed away. Chloe became her owner's reason for living, and gave him hope after his devastating loss. When he later developed Parkinson’s Disease she seemed to know instinctually how to bring him out of his episodes. Chloe would be placed on his lap as he seemed to fade away, and through her gentle touch she would bring him back. As the years went on her dad moved into assisted living and in order to continue her daily therapy with him she officially become a service dog. Her father has been gone for two years now, but at nine years old she continues as a service dog with the help of her human sister Pam. Pam states she considers it a privilege to step up and take her dad’s place as Chloe’s caregiver. It’s clear that Chloe has helped Pam in the loss of her father, just as she had done before, truly earning her title of service.

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