Cleo - Ellie Sophia


By Ellie Sophia / March 13, 2019

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At nine years old this Newfoundland still acts like a puppy. Cleopatra, or Cleo for short, loves chasing tennis balls and playing with her toys. She reminds her parents daily when it's time for her walk and makes a great exercise partner. Many large breeds at her age would be slowing down but her parents take the utmost care to make sure she is healthy and happy. The moment you meet her family you can see how much she is adored, and it is not hard to figure out why. I believe her most impactful trait is a quiet elegance. Despite her size she maneuvers with precision, always aware of her surroundings. Her eyes communicate so much feelings and instantly melt your heart. Her name suits her so well she truly is a regal beauty.    

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