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Howliday Mini Sessions

By: Ellie Sophia / Jan 28, 2020

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One of the best business relationships I have built has been with Gretchen Ricketts, owner of Bow Wow Meow. Not only have we worked together for our Paw Print Howliday sessions two years in a row, but she has also been a gracious host showing my art work. Gretchen’s boutique has been named one of the best pet stores in the city and featured online and on television. It’s not hard to see why; not only is it an excellent store with quality merchandize, but there is something about Gretchen who is always there to greet you. I am sure the friendship I feel is so special between us is the same feeling each customer gets when she welcomes them with her warm smile and enthusiasm; it’s like shopping with a good friend. I am looking forward to working with Gretchen more as she host more of my work and we work together for upcoming mini sessions. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Bow Wow Meow in Fountain Square make sure to stop by and make a new friend. To see more images from our Howliday mini session follow my new Paw Print page on instagram.  

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