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Jett & Sweet Pea

By Ellie Sophia / Sep 28, 2018

I once was a crazy cat lady, I guess I still am, I just no longer own a cat.  I was single at the time, and my beloved cat Mel was my constant companion. I loved his rebellious and independent attitude, it reminded me of myself.  Ironically I married a dog person and since we couldn't reconcile our differences we were at a stand still.  It wasn't until our only child Dominic begged for a sibling that I was faced with the inevitable.  Since having another child wasn't an option and my husband still wasn't a cat person, getting a dog seemed like our only choice.   

We adopted Sweet Pea in 2007.  Sweet Pea has the soul of a saint, she is gentle and kind and devoted but she also seemed sad and lonely. It wasn't long before Sweet Pea begged for a sibling and next thing we knew we were getting our second Wheaten Terrier Jett.  I often say we should have named them Eeyore and Tigger because that better describes their personalities. Sweet Pea like many first children tricked me into thinking having a dog was easy, then Jett came.  Jett is full of energy and attitude, he only likes to be touched under his terms, but he also reminds me of my late cat Mel.  

Now two dogs and three chickens later, I can't imagine my life without them. In fact they are my favorite models to photograph.  I realized that photographing pets is about the happiest thing I have ever done with my life, and I decided I wanted to focus more on what makes me happy.  This blog will do just that, all while introducing you to some of Indy's most adorable residents.  Best part is now I can get both cat cuddles and dog kisses and everyone is happy! 

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