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By Ellie Sophia / November 1, 2019

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Part of being a pet photographer is capturing memories with a beloved pet with the knowledge that their time with us is often way too short. Many of my images have been the last memories captured, but rarely is that known ahead of time. Lobo, a 14 year old Husky, was an end of life session. He would be taken to the vet the next day to pass peacefully, and our session was about celebrating his life.  Although he struggled to walk, his smile only communicated joy. Lobo was Travis' companion since his college days. As Travis describes it they both did a little partying during those days together. Constant companions through all of life's adventures, the two learned to truly trust each other, until one day that trust was tested.  Lobo was stolen right out of Travis' backyard. Travis did all he could including taking out an advertisement.  All his friends went out on the search, but no one could find Lobo.  Travis didn't give up and kept renewing the ad. After a year’s time his persistence paid off and Lobo was finally found.  Neither one of them had given up on each other. They both seemed to understand that even when they couldn't be together their bond had continued, just as it would now after their final good-bye had been said. 

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