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Penny Lane and Milo

By Ellie Sophia / Jan 1, 2019

  • Penny Lane

    Penny Lane

  • Milo


When a 150 pound Mastiff decides she doesn’t want to pose for the camera, there isn’t much you can do about it. Whether working with human family members or furry ones, I always get warned someone is going to be difficult. That was the case with Milo and Penny Lane. Milo seemed to quickly take to the camera but Penny wasn’t having it. I myself am shy in front of the camera, so I understand. I find the solution usually is just having lots of patience.

For my pet photoshoots I allow extra time to make sure your pet feels comfortable with me and my equipment before we even get started. If your pet has special needs we discuss those before the photoshoot that way I can accommodate their needs. Sometimes that means moving the photoshoot from my studio to someone’s home, or in this case the owner of Bow Wow Meow’s store. I want to capture your pet’s personality and whatever I can do to make sure they enjoy the experience is my goal. There are still rare times however where a pet just isn’t feeling it. In those cases, your pet’s well-being is my priority. Penny was one of those cases. She became really nervous during the photoshoot and we decided it was best to concentrate on Milo and give her space. I was able to capture several images of her however before she became anxious, so I worked my magic.

The after portrait shown is a combination of 4 images and lots of hours of editing. I think that is what sets me apart in this field. I am a photographer, but more-so I see myself as an artist. I captured the image of Penny’s smile while staring out a window when she didn’t know I was watching and used that as inspiration for the final image. In the end both Milo and Penny’s personalities were captured, while still respecting their boundaries and having fun.

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