Reggie Wayne

By Ellie Sophia /  Feb 2, 2019

The Lowry family may look familiar, they were one of the first featured on my blog.  Their beloved dog Sam enjoyed being photographed and appeared front and center in their 2017 holiday card.  In 2018 I was heart broken to hear that after 12 years, their family lost Sam. Although the family was still grieving, when they heard the story of Reggie Wayne they had to step in. Reggie was found wandering the back roads of southern Illinois with his sibling last summer. Someone had abandoned the pair at only 8 weeks old. A rescue group discovered them and a foster family nursed the siblings back to health. Carolyn says when she saw the pathetic adoption picture of Reggie online, her husband Jon had to stop her from driving right then and there to go pick him up. Both siblings were adopted into lovings homes, and Reggie is now a beloved member of their family. Scars on his cheek and ear still bear his story, but his boisterous personality and unconditional affection show his love is everlasting. Getting a new family member can never replace an old one, but it is a beautiful way to carry on the tradition of their love.  I am sure Reggie will forever be thankful for that love.

All Images © 2019 Ellie Sophia Photography LLC

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