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Scout and Solo

By Ellie Sophia / Dec 16, 2018

Sixteen years ago Peter found Scout under a car. Only four weeks old, he knew if he didn't do something she wouldn't survive, so he brought her home to his wife Laura. The two of them raised Scout from those early days to what is now her later days.  Scout is starting to slow down, although you wouldn't know it from her energy. Her arthritis makes her walk with a bit of a limp but she still seems to get around. It's obvious that Laura and Scout share a special bond after all these years, but last year was a tough one on their family. Scout used to have two additional playmates who they lost that year. At ages 19 and 20 they both had long lives but the loss hurt just the same. However, it was that year that Solo chose their home on a cold winter night and insisted on coming in. Similar to Scout, they knew that if they didn't do something he may not survive the night, so they provided him a warm place to sleep. Once Solo experienced a safe place to stay, he decided not to leave, and they happily accepted him into their family. After a year of loss their home felt complete again. Peter and Laura are so happy for their feline family, and I know Scout and Solo are thankful for a family that loves them and a warm place to call home.       

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