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By Ellie Sophia / September 3, 2019

At only six months old, Shar was found hungry and homeless on a Native American Reservation.  Her journey to find her forever home had only just begun.  She was originally adopted by a loving family, but by the age of two it was clear that this home was just not the right fit for her. Her full potential still had not been reached, when it was decided that she just might be exactly what Tamala was looking for. 

Tamala, an Army Veteran, had served almost 28 years on both active duty and in the reserves.  Her time of service had left her with enduring scars and many of her symptoms had returned since she lost her first service dog 3 years earlier.  Several people became involved in helping train Shar to become Tamala's new service dog, using guidelines set by Semper Fido.  It wasn't long before it was clear that Shar had finally found where she was needed most.  Shar passed her service dog training with high marks and now serves in multiple capacities to help Tamala on a daily basis.  Along with her unconditional love, her talents include:

- Waking up Tamala if she has a nightmare

- Telling her when it's time to go to bed

- Checking around blind corners and signaling when the coast is clear

- Staying in a protective position when strangers are around

With Shar's help, Tamala is now able to live with confidence, and with Tamala's help, Shar now has a purpose. 

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