Thunder - Ellie Sophia


By Ellie Sophia / Feb 17, 2020

I donate four portrait packages every year to local auctions to help raise money for worthy causes. It's a way for me to give back to the community that has offered my business so much support. It also allows me to work with some amazing families that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to work with. Thunder's family is special, in that not only had they won one of my portrait packages at the St Richard's Episcopal School's Fundraising Gala, but that is also how they had acquired Thunder in the first place seven years earlier. Can you imagine this face as a puppy going from classroom to classroom, it's pure genius. Thunder's owner Bobbi told me that when their son came home and told them of the cute puppy and begged for them to get her, she only promised to bid but had no intention of winning. However, Thunder did not just win over the heart of her son, but her own heart as well. When they saw my Paw Print session being auctioned off at the latest Gala they knew it would be a wonderful way to celebrate Thunder and all she had brought to their family. I am thankful for people like the Bosch family who support amazing organizations like St Richards and for the opportunity to play a small role in that.

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