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Congratulations on receiving half off your minimum purchase retainer!

Now what does that mean?

Photoshoots normally have a $450 retainer fee. This fee is the minimum amount of products you commit to purchase to book your session. You qualify to book a session for half that amount!       

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So what comes next?

1.  My first priority with a new client is to get to know you.  So we will start with a chat by way of a phone consultation. This is where I get to hear about your beloved furry family and start to plan your session. Be sure to have your availability ready to discuss during this call so we can get your session scheduled. Click HERE to schedule your phone consultation now. 

2.  Photoshoots can take place in your home, in a park or in my studio in Broad Ripple. Expect your session to take about an hour or two, this includes time taken when you arrive to make sure your pet is comfortable. Your pet will just think they are having a super fun playdate, but I may put you to work holding a leash or distributing treats.

3.  At the end of your session we will make a follow up appointment for your ordering session. This is where you will be able to see your images and choose how you spend your retainer. If you desire, you may also purchase additional prints or products. You can see details about all my products and pricing HERE.   

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