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Available for Adoption

  • Bree


All she wants for Christmas is a home, but after four years of wishing, will this be the year her wish finally comes true?...

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Available for Adoption

  • Suzy


I was mindlessly scrolling my facebook feed when this adorable smile popped up.  It was Suzy smiling from ear to ear. Her sweet face stopped me in my tracks as I read the caption: "After months of waiting, my foster Suzy finally had someone interested in meeting her!"...

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  • Charlie and Ollie

    Charlie and Ollie

I have truly missed having pets in the studio. For a year I have worked with pets and people strictly outdoors ...

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  • The Girls

    The Girls

      My post are usually full of other people’s beloved pets but this post is more personal. Long before all our lives got turned upside down because of COVID...

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      • Azalea and Pancake

        Azalea and Pancake

      Azalea and Pancake are examples of the power of love and adoption. Azalea was adopted from Almost Home Humane Society in Lafayette, IN by her owners Matt and Hailey...

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      • Butler Bark

        Butler Bark

      Don’t judge me, but I don’t brush my dogs coat daily like I know I should. Let’s be honest, I barely even brush my own hair daily. I’m more of a wash and go kind of girl...

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      • Ura


      • Murdock


      • Llia


      My Paw Print show traveled around the city to galleries and coffee shops for most of 2019 and into 2020...

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      • Thunder


      I donate four portrait packages every year to local auctions to help raise money for worthy causes...

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      • Molly


      One of the best business relationships I have built has been with Gretchen Ricketts, owner of Bow Wow Meow. Not only have we worked together for our Paw Print Howliday sessions two years in a row...

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      • Lobo


      Part of being a pet photographer is capturing memories with a beloved pet with the knowledge that their time with us is often way too short...

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      • Pumpkin


      In 2018 the Animal Protective Association came up with a brilliant campaign when they coined #grownassadult...

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      • Shar


      At only six months old, Shar was found hungry and homeless on a Native American Reservation...

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      • Chloe


      Chloe may be the cutest service dog you will ever meet...

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      • Cleo


      At nine years old this Newfoundland still acts like a puppy. Cleopatra, or Cleo for short, loves chasing tennis balls and playing with her toys...

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      • Woody


      Happy second birthday Woody! At 8 months old Woody joined the Gramelspachers for a family portrait session...

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      • Reggie Wayne

        Reggie Wayne

      The Lowry family may look familiar, they were one of the first featured on my blog...

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      • Milo


      • Penny Lane

        Penny Lane

      When a 150 pound Mastiff decides she doesn’t want to pose for the camera, there isn’t much you can do about it...

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      • Scout


      • Solo


      Sixteen years ago Peter found Scout under a car.  Only four weeks old, he knew if he didn't do something she wouldn't survive...

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      • Edgar


      Amy and Ryan knew adopting a pet together was a big step in their relationship. According to Amy, when Ryan asked if she'd like to go to the shelter to look, she said: "Just know that if we go, we will be coming home with a kitten" ...

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      • Sam


      Sam wanted to be on the holiday card. I have taken hundreds of family portraits, and I love it when families bring their pets along...

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      • Buster


      • Hensley


      Newlyweds Kate and Zane have already started a family... full of furry kids.  I have known Kate for three years.  Her Salon @kategstudio is responsible for hiding my grey and through the years we have become friends.  I was honored to be able to meet her family... 

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