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Step by Step Guide

As a pet photographer I specialize in celebrating the relationship between you and your pet. From our first meeting where we discuss your vision and any special needs, to your final ordering session where I help you select your final products, everything is designed to make sure your pet knows just how much you love them.

Step One:

Choose your Session

In order to reserve your session you will first be asked to sign a contract and pay the minimum purchase retainer. Explore the different types of sessions below, most have a standard minimum purchase amount of 450. This will be saved to reserve your photoshoot and given as a product credit during your ordering session.

Step Two:

The Meet and Treat

This is generally a short meeting in order for your pet to become familiar with me. It is an opportunity for me to meet your pet, have them become comfortable with me and for you to share any special request or needs. A meet and treat session is required for in-home sessions, however if your session is outdoors or in studio and you feel your pet does not need this extra step, you can fill out an online questionnaire instead.

Step Three:

The Photoshoot

More time will be taken at the beginning of our session to introduce my equipment to your pet. I want them to feel comfortable and relaxed, in fact your pet will dictate our timeline. Photoshoots usually last one hour but please be flexible and allow 1-2 hours, this allows plenty of time for playing, potty breaks and fun.

Step Four:

The Ordering Session

By this point I have already narrowed down your images to the best and have completed some basic edits. During your session you will finally be able to view your art work, narrow them down to your favorites, and choose your final products. 

Choose your Session

Take your time exploring the different types of sessions. Each includes a minimum purchase retainer that is required to book the session. This amount is then given as a credit toward products. Explore all the heirloom products available to purchase in my product gallery below. 

Product Gallery / Pricing

I have spent countless hours curating only the highest quality products. You will have a chance to see those products first hand during your ordering session, however I also have them available to explore online.

Want to know more ? 

Use the link below to book a phone consultation.

Please Note:

Prices reflect current offers, but may change without notice. Minimum purchase retainers are transferable but non-refundable and are required at the time of your booking to reserve your appointment. 

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