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What to Expect:

Having images taken should be a fun experience.  My job is to make sure you feel comfortable and beautiful, and to capture that.  One way to feel at ease is to know exactly what to expect, these steps will make sure you do.

Step One: Consider how much time you need

Take your time looking through my brochure. At this step the only thing you need to decide is how much time you will need. Session fees for portraits are based on the amount of time dedicated to you. You have time to decide what print collection you would like later. This decision won't need to be made until we meet to preview your images. Have a question? Please take note of the "Frequently Asked questions" section or contact me directly. 

Step Two: Book your photoshoot

Once you have made your decision, please contact me to book.  We will then discuss available dates, times and locations. Please note, that if you book an outdoor session, hours will be limited to one to two hours before sunset, in order to take advance of golden light. I will email you an invoice for the appropriate retainer fee and contract. Once these are completed the appointment date will be saved.

Step Three: Come prepared

Expect an email from me containing a questionnaire to help me better serve you. This helps me come prepared.  Below are some tips to help you feel at ease and prepared.  

- Consider not only how you look, but how you feel.  Can you move, are you comfortable, can you walk?  

- Avoid matching outfits, instead coordinate solid colors.

- Avoid stripes and busy or small patterns.  These do not photographic well.

Step Four: Have Fun

Many families arrive to photoshoots stressed out.  It's understandable considering all it takes to get the family dressed and ready, but don't forget to have fun.  Your favorite images are going to be the ones that capture natural smiles and interactions. 

Step Five: The Ordering Session

Every photoshoot comes with a complimentary ordering session where your images are revealed.  I will ask you to book this followup appointment within a week of your photoshoot. During your session I will go over product options and answer any questions. You will also have the opportunity to create your own personally designed package, earning you extra savings. By the time we are done you will know exactly what you are getting, and after payment is made, I will further edit and order your final collection. If you would like to take a look at my product pricing now, click HERE.

Step Six: Delivery

All my products are made in the USA, and most are hand crafted by local small businesses.  Expect items to take a couple weeks to create.  As soon as I have them in hand and packaged up I will contact you to arrange a time for delivery. 

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